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Daval Bedrooms

Bedrooms and Home Office

No longer just a place to sleep and hang a few clothes, bedrooms are taking their place as a vital extension of living space in the home. More than ever a Daval bedroom from Country Kitchens is a place to spend quality time; whether it's curling up with a book, watching a movie, or having a much deserved breakfast in bed.

Our furniture is designed to offer a solution for every taste, layout and style. Not only bedrooms but also home offices can be designed individually or brought together to create a striking home.

Crucial to our bedroom and home office range is the exceptional flexibility we have. Not only is there an incredible choice of finishes for each range, but a huge variety of unit sizes to ensure that even the largest, highest or tightest space can benefit from an exciting makeover.

Quality Time Deserves a Quality Bedroom

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